Dear Music Leaders,

The Music Arts Proficiency (M.A.P.) is a carefully designed support curriculum that has proven effective by many music leaders. Its purpose is to aid in enhancing the quality of our weekly offerings in worship through developing “competent” players and singers. I commend this course to you as you lead your students to a higher standard of musicianship and greater personal satisfaction. God will be glorified through your ministry as “you study with your students to show yourself approved unto God.” May God inspire you as “His instruments” in this endeavor.


Dr. Harold Burgmayer

Territorial Music and Gospel Arts Secretary

General - Instructor's Helps - UPDATED EDITION COMING SOON

Printing Instructions for M.A.P. forms:
After you download the PDF and select print, please choose the following options.  Print on 11x17in paper, choose "booklet" under "Page Sizing & Handling," and select "print on both sides." 

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