Available below are a range of graded instrumental pieces for live or virtual performances.  Each download link contains guide tracks, parts, and score.  

Graded Brass Feature


Harold Burgmayer

ALLELUIAS RAISE! by Harold Burgmayer 

*Demo tracks are coming soon

This graded brass feature is based on "Christ the Lord is Risen Today" (Llanfair) and the Hallelujah Chorus (Handel)

For use with graded "B" and "C" Band learners while accompanied by "A" Band: AIES scoring, including Glock, Timp, and Traditional  Snare Drum, Cymbals and Bass Drum

"B" band: AIES scoring plus Easy Snare Drum, and Cymbals

"C" Band Melody Cornet, Easy Horn, and Baritone

C Parts and Bass Clef parts available

Patriotic Beginner Brass Feature


William Himes


This beginner brass feature includes "My Country Tis of Thee" and "Yankee Doodle"

For Bb, Eb, C, and B.C. Soloists and Band (AIES scoring) with optional Solo Beginner Percussion

Full demonstration and guide track with click of Band accompaniment only available

Graded Brass Feature


Harold Burgmayer

BOUNDLESS JOY by Harold Burgmayer 

(formerly Back to the Future) - COMING SOON

This graded brass features three songs of Salvation Army heritage – “Joy in the Salvation Army”, “Send the Fire” and “O Boundless Salvation”

A Band accompaniment (AIES scoring with percussion) can be played on its own using cues.

Parts for B Band (Easy AIES scoring with Mallet Percussion, Drum Set, Timpani and Accessory Percussion)

Parts for C Band (Easy Cornet, Easy Horn and Easy Baritone/Trombone, with Easy Percussion and Easy Glockenspiel)

C and Bass Clef parts available

Beginner Brass Feature


William Himes

CHRISTMAS DEBUT by William Himes

This beginner brass features "Good King Wenceslas," the first Christmas carol many beginners learn.  

For Bb, Eb, and B.C. Soloists, and Band (AIES scoring) with optional Solo Beginner Percussion

Beginner Brass Feature


William Himes

CLASSICS IN BRASS by William Himes

This beginner brass features “Ode to Joy” and classics from Bach, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, and Strauss.

For Bb and Eb Soloists and Band (AIES scoring) with optional Eb Soprano

Beginner Brass Feature


Doug Engle

GOD IS SO GOOD by Doug Engle

This beginner brass feature is based on the chorus God is So Good.

For Bb Soloists with Band Accompaniment:

  • 2 Cornets

  • 2 horns

  • Baritone/Trombone 

  • Euphonium and Bass 

  • Additional Parts: 

  • Soprano

  • Bells

  • Percussion

Virtual Band


William Himes

GOD'S CHILDREN by William Himes

This well known march bustles with energy, it is not difficult to play, and should be well within the scope of average bands. The title is taken from the chorus forming the trio at letter D:

'I am a child of God, Hallelujah!
I am a child of God, Amen.
I have washed my robes in the cleansing fountain;
I am a child of God.'

Included are PDF parts and score, as well as a guide track for your virtual performace.

Beginner Brass Feature


Harold Burgmayer

JOYFUL, JOYFUL by Harold Burgmayer - COMING SOON

This beginner brass features the classic hymn Joyful, Joyful and works on its own with Grade I level AIES scoring, with percussion.

Complementary beginner parts available for cornet, Eb horn, trombone, Eb or Bb Bass (euphonium)

C and bass clef parts available

Beginner Brass Feature


William Himes

MUFFINS RHAPSODY by William Himes 

This beginner brass features one of the very first songs that beginners learn, "Making Muffins" or as known as "Hot Cross Buns." 

For Bb and Eb Soloists and Band (AIES scoring) with optional Percussion

Beginner Brass Feature


John Phillip Sousa/Harold Burgmayer

SANTA AND SOUSA FOREVER by John Phillip Sousa, arr. Harold Burgmayer 

This beginner brass features  “Good King Wenceslas”, “Jolly Old St. Nicholas” and “Jingle Bells” (for Beginner Soloists) to the accompaniment of “Stars and Stripes Forever.” (for Band and/or Piano-four hands accompaniment.)

Beginner Soloist parts are graded for Beginner Cornets 1&2; Beg. Horn; Beg. Baritone/Trombone in treble and bass clef; as well as Beg. C Instrument and Beg. Percussion.

Accompaniment parts for Band (AIES scoring with two percussion parts and optional Eb Soprano or C instrument part) and/or Piano-four hands

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