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The Territorial Worship Collective is the gathering of contemporary praise and worship musicians in the Central Territory of THE SALVATION ARMY USA for the benefit of practicing, collaborating, and fellowshipping.
In 2018 the Central Territory Music Department launched a brand new initiative called The Territorial Worship Collective, otherwise know as TWC. During its initial launch TWC consisted of many different members ages 13-25 throughout the central territory. TWC will continue to be an opportunity for musicians to be apart of something bigger. As the Music & Creative Arts Ministries Department makes efforts to advance Contemporary Praise and Worship music, TWC is going to be expanding. Here’s how that will look:
  • Any musician ages 13 and up who participates in the ministry of contemporary music at their corps in the USA Central Territory is invited to be a part of the collective.
  • Members of TWC will receive a monthly Newsletter - highlighting new worship songs, holidays and worship themes, and tips.
  • Members of TWC will have bi-monthly group check-in calls with Reggie Brooks Jr.
  • Members of TWC will be invited to the TWC Weekend Retreat.

TWC Gathering Weekend


We’re excited to share that the TWC weekend will be April 5-7, 2024. The TWC weekend will have two tracks, Emerging Leaders and Leaders. Delegates that are 17 and younger will automatically be in the Emerging Leaders track. Both tracks will come together for united meetings. It is important to note that being over 17 does not automatically put you into the Leaders track, this will be determined upon your experience level.


Leaders Track

The Leaders Track is for delegates who are 18 and older, and who have at least two years experience of leading worship. The delegates in this track should be comfortable leading rehearsals, picking songs, and leading worship. This track will focus on how to disciple members, how to manage the difficult conversations within the band, and how to continue to build and adapt your praise band.


Emerging Leaders Track

The Emerging Leaders track is for the delegates that are are 17 and younger or for anyone 18 and older that is still in the early development stage of leading worship. This could mean learning an instrument, gaining skills and confidence speaking to the congregation, or minimal experience in leading a group. The Emerging Leaders will focus on what it means to lead worship authentically, how they should be preparing before leading worship, and tips and tricks they can do to improve their talent and how to practice.

Territorial Worship Collective Application Procedure​

  • Fill out the application and submit a audition video.
    • Application opens October 31, 2023
    • Application and video due by November 30, 2023

Audition Information

Please submit a video recording of one of the listed songs below. This is the best way for us to see where you are at and how we might be able to help you improve. For instructions on how to upload your video, please see below.

How to record your video audition:


  • All auditions must be recorded on video.  Audio quality of yourself must be clear. 

  • Each Part of the audition should be recorded in one take, without pausing or editing. Under no circumstances should you splice or in any way edit your audition within a Part. You may choose to edit the two parts together into one video if you wish, but that is not required. 

  • Click here for the Territorial Worship Collective Video Submission Form

Video uploading instructional video

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