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Advent 2023  - Drama "ANY WAY YOU SPREAD IT"

Advent 2023 - Drama "ANY WAY YOU SPREAD IT"

Advent 2023 Week 1 - Drama "ANY WAY YOU SPREAD IT" Written by Martyn Thomas Performed by the Bill Booth Theater Company Created for use with the "Incarnation" Advent Worship Series - Week 1 See for more info. Note: For proper context, it is strongly recommended that this parody video be used in conjunction with the suggested Call to Worship from the Worship Series resources. An excerpt of this Call to Worship is included in the video and is duplicated below: Call to Worship - Excerpt from "Incarnation" by Adam Hamilton Every four years, on the first Tuesday after November 1, America elects a president. It's an important day for our nation, but also one that highlights and exacerbates the deep divisions in our society. Roughly three weeks after Election Day, Advent arrives, and Christians prepare to celebrate the birth of their King. This season puts into perspective all our political wrangling, whoever we voted for, and we are reminded that there is only one King. It is to him we give our highest allegiance. While our politics have divided us, Advent should bring us together, uniting us around the newborn King and his life, message, ministry, death, and resurrection. As we ponder our polarization and the identity and call of Christ our King, listen to the words of John Wesley: Would to God that all names and unscriptural phrases and forms, which have divided the Christian world, were forgot; and that we might all agree to sit down together, as humble, loving disciples, at the feet of our common Master, to hear his word, to absorb his Spirit, and to transcribe his life in our own! Advent beckons all who consider themselves Christians—regardless of whether they are Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, or Independents—to come to the stable and there fall on our knees, yielding our allegiance, our hearts, and our will to the newborn King. (Incarnation, pp. 16-18)
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