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Orchestra Conductor on Stage

One of the pillars to a dynamic Salvation Army worship service is music. High quality music and creative arts need strong leadership to thrive and grow. The Directors’ Studio will provide growth in rehearsal/leadership techniques and conducting skills for local leaders throughout the Central Territory in the areas of brass band, vocal groups, praise team, dance, and drama. This program will be done virtually and available throughout the Central Territory regardless of location.

How does it work?

Local leaders enrolled in Directors' Studio will submit six bi-weekly rehearsal recordings through a shared-drive site and receive written and/or video feedback from their mentor. Mentors include highly trained Salvation Army leaders from around the world. Three separate sessions, 12 weeks per session, will be offered each year to span the typical corps programming cycle. 


The Territorial Music & Creative Arts Ministries Department will ship equipment necessary to record rehearsals and share with their mentor. This equipment is owned by the Territorial Music & Creative Arts Ministries Department and directors enrolled in the program will be responsible for the equipment upkeep and ensure it is shipped safely back to Central Territorial Headquarters immediately following their session. Shipping costs will be covered by Central Territorial Headquarters.


At the end of each 12-week session, directors and mentors will fill out an assessment to continually improve the Directors’ Studio. If an enrolled director wishes to continue into another session, this will be decided by the Territorial Music & Creative Arts Ministries Department based on availability and progress. One of the goals of this program is to have this available to many music and creative arts leaders throughout our territory, including beginners through the most experienced.

How much does it cost?

The cost to participants/directors is FREE!

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