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Rising Stars is a solo festival in which a standardized rating and comments will be given for each entry in the areas of Brass, Brass Composition, Choral Arranging, Dance, Drama, Guitar, Song Writing, Spoken Word, Percussion, Piano, Ukulele and Voice. Select soloists/compositions will be chosen to perform at future territorial events. 


Rising Stars has been created in order to: 

  • Encourage the development of individuals involved in the creative arts. 

  • Motivate soloists, providing a goal to work towards. 

  • Provide constructive feedback from impartial adjudicators outside their own leadership at their Corps. 

  • Provide additional opportunity for performance. 

  • Give additional motivation for the development and celebration of skills to emphasize giving our best to glorify God with the talents he gave us. 

  • The M.A.P. curriculum provides the organizational structure for this event and the student’s ongoing development. Please see the categories listed on the next page to determine which level to participate in. If you are unsure, please consult your Divisional Music Director. 


It is our hope that Corps Officers, local officers, Divisional Music Directors and parents will help in the preparation for this event. Children love to please and want to excel. This gives us a great responsibility to provide a safe and positive environment for them to shine. It is paramount that our young artists be encouraged, feel supported and grow through the Rising Stars experience. 


Each participating soloist must choose one selection to perform from the required list according to their current M.A.P. level, and be within the age range listed per category.  

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