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Executive Officer: Major Miriam Gorton Songster Leader: Dr. Harold Burgmayer Deputy Songster Leader: Jonathon Weller


Captain Brianne Bowers

Sandy Cabrera
Major Cassandra DeJesus

Major Miriam Gorton

Major Charlotte Hall

Captain Kelly Hanton

Major Heather Holman

Evie Polsley

Emily Romin
Jill Romin
Major Rachel Stouder

Lieutenant Heidi Strand


Priscilla Burgmayer

Elizabeth Carr

Brigitte Ferguson

Heather Hanton

Abbi Jobson

Allison Jordan

Jan Kelley

Sarah Leka

Marissa Riley

Carolyn Romin


Major Curtiss Harltey

Jon Heaver

Stan Kelley

Marc Smith

Jude St. Aime

David Tippol


Envoy Scott Hurula

Major Tim Meyer

Major Heath Sells

Major Ken Shiels

Richard Thalman

Graham Weller

Jonathon Weller


Major Kathy

Hellstrom, Piano

Isaac Leka, Bass Guitar

Cashus Saydee, Percussion

The Central Territorial Staff Songsters operates similar to other USA territories, meeting three to four weekends per program year. Location of performances and rehearsal weekends rotate to bring ministry to various commands throughout the territory. Repertoire reflects a wide variety of vocal music expressions including traditional choral, contemporary, and gospel genres.


  • Purpose

    • To proclaim the name of Jesus through choral music.

    • To establish and maintain a high standard of choral music performance to which vocal musicians and other corps/divisional vocal groups can aspire.

    • To engage vocal musicians from around the territory in active music ministry and equip them to teach others.


  • Membership

    • Forty members recruited from around the territory engaging as many divisions as possible. Membership to be representative of the diversity of the territory (multi-cultural, as well as multi-generational).

    • Requirements:

      • Soldier in good standing

      • At least 18 years of age

      • Successful audition/interview at the equivalent of Level 3 in MAP Voice Form (Audition includes rhythm and pitch echoing and reading, as well as an evaluation of voice quality and ability to blend in a choir).

    • An annual commitment to membership will be required, but membership to be continuous from season to season (with annual CO/divisional endorsement).

    • The CTSS will be accompanied by a trio of piano, bass guitar, and drums.

    • Assistance will be available for CTSS ministry weekend travel and lodging costs, depending on weekend and geographic proximity. On a typical weekend, CTSS members would travel/arrive on Thursday evening, giving two full days to rehearsals, finishing with Sunday service.

  • 2019-2020 Season Calendar

    • September/October 2019 – Audition/interview window opens

    • November 2019 – Roster is set/Repertoire is sent out

    • January 16-19, 2020 – Central Territorial Staff Songsters meets for its first rehearsal weekend

    • March 5-8, 2020 – Rehearsal weekend – location to announced

    • April 24-25, 2020 – Rehearsals; Inaugural Performance – Soldier’s Meeting with General Peddle in Elmhurst, IL

    • June 11-14, 2020 – Rehearsals, support Live Music 2020 Congress and Commissioning weekend – Milwaukee


  • Outcomes

    • A clear standard of choral music excellence is defined for corps/divisional vocal groups in the territory.

    • Vocal musicians provided an outlet for developing and maintaining advanced musicianship, including singers who have participated in the Territorial Youth Chorus, but are no longer eligible due to their age.

    • Renewed growth in the level of vocal musicianship and leadership will be seen at the corps and divisional level as members of this group bring their strengthened skills back to their divisional music schools and music camps.

    • An opportunity for music ministry for skilled vocalists throughout the territory who may otherwise feel disconnected or under-stimulated by the vocal music opportunities in their specific region.


Serving the Midwest

The Salvation Army
USA Central Territory


Serving communities in: MichiganWisconsinMinnesota

North & South DakotaNebraskaKansasMissouriIllinoisIowa and Indiana.

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