Theater Group



Each participating actor must submit by video, following the guidelines listed below. Level ONE students must be between the ages of 9-13 and Level TWO between the ages of 14 and up. Participants must submit a copy of the monologue along with the video, if it is not a part of the required list. See the following page for a copy of the scoring rubric. You will receive three separate adjudicator evaluations, your rating and a certificate after submission. 

Theater Group

Level ONE

(Choose one)

Level ONE Required Solo (ages 9-13):

Actors on stage

Level TWO

(Choose one)

Level TWO Required Solo (ages 9+):

  • Scripture – Any Translation 

    • Psalm 19 

    • Psalm 46 

  • Any 1-character monologue script published by The Salvation Army in one of the following resources: 

  • A monologue of your choice that meets ALL the following criteria: 

    • Must be a true monologue, meaning there should be no audible dialogue spoken by an additional character seen or unseen. 

    • Must contain material entirely appropriate for presentation in the context of a Salvation Army worship service or Christian arts festival. 

    • Usage of the script is either royalty-free or permission is granted by the author or through the purchase of a published copy. 

    • A written copy of the script must be emailed to