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The GIFT of Music

by Lynda Cooper

God gives us gifts that fit us perfectly! In each of His gifts, He desires for us to use them in a way that glorifies Him. As I listen and play music that inspires me and blesses me, I become closer to the Lord, and it helps me in my faith.

I can remember as a child at the St. Louis Tower Grove Corps, which is now the Gateway Corps, there was a little Scottish man by the name of Scotty Patterson who would stand up at testimony time and just sing a chorus. At that time, I thought it was a strange way to give a testimony, but as an adult, I get it! The words to the music we play speak to me in beautiful ways. Even though they weren’t his words, I believe Scotty was able to express his love for the Lord through the song.

I’ve been playing flugelhorn in the Chicago Staff Band since 2015, and I love it! Being part of this group has been a huge blessing in my life. I am not much of a public speaker, but I get to share my testimony through my instrument. Songs like “I Love You, Lord,” “Great Is Thy Faithfulness,” and “Knowing You” are just a few of my favorites I like to play. I believe we are all given gifts from the Father and that our purpose is to offer them back to Him. As a result, I strive to be able to make the best possible sounds to spread the message of God’s grace and hope that others may also share in the blessing.

Our God deserves the praises of all his creatures. Whether our instrument is a cornet, a guitar, or our own singing voices, God wants our praise. Declaring his love and faithfulness morning, noon, and night is good. The ability to praise our God in song and words is a gift that only humans have. Use that gift and lift up a chorus of praise today. Below is a prayer that encapsulates my heart for music:

Musician’s Prayer

God, please bless my music that it might glorify your name,

may using it to serve you always be my aim.

Let it be a witness to your majesty and love

and remind us that you’re watching from your throne above.

Oh Lord, I ask for guidance in everything I do,

and pray you’ll make my music and instrument for you.


- Ramona K. Cecil


Lynda Cooper worked in the Midland Music Department as the Assistant Divisional Music Director for two years and as the Divisional Music Director for 22 years. After living in St. Louis for her entire life, Lynda moved to the Chicago area in 2015 to serve as the Administrative Assistant to the Central Territorial Headquarters Music & Creative Arts Ministries Department. Lynda and her husband, Ron, have three grown children and ten grandchildren, who are the light of their lives. The Coopers currently attend the Elgin Corps, participating in the Band & Songsters and teaching children to play brass instruments. Read more...

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