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Sarah Damianov

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Description automatically generatedSarah Lucia Damianov was born in Chicago, IL to Andrei and Lucia Damianov. She is the eldest of six children, five girls and one boy. Sarah started learning piano at the age of six under a Russian teacher. At the age of eight, she began to study the violin with her father. When she entered fifth grade, her parents wanted her to play in the church band, so they decided to have her pick up flute and learn it at school. In middle school, Sarah was in every ensemble possible, from playing piano in Jazz Band and accompanying the choir, to playing violin in the orchestra, to playing flute in the concert band. When Sarah was in sixth grade, she began to study under a new piano teacher, Mrs. Bridget Cantagallo. She studied with Mrs. C for about three years. As a freshman in high school, Sarah began to take lessons from Judy Zimmer to learn how to improvise and arrange piano music. She studied with Mrs. Zimmer for about six months. Until Sarah came to Trinity, she studied piano on her own, practicing on a daily basis and attempting to learn music by herself. While she was in high school, she taught a fourth graders flute through a program with the high school and remained as a teacher for one of those students for another year afterwards. Piano was and still is one of her gateways to relaxing and de-stressing. Sarah has entered her third year of studying under Dr. Eugenia Jeong and has come to thoroughly enjoy piano and get a better understanding of how to practice effectively. She currently has a few students whom she teaches piano or violin to and enjoys working with them. Sarah is three semesters away from graduating from Trinity International University with two bachelor's degrees in Music Education K-12 and Music with an emphasis in Piano Performance.

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