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About us...

The Central Territorial Staff Songsters (CTSS), a choir of The Salvation Army, was formed in January 2020 and meets four to five times a year for rehearsals and performances. Location of performances and rehearsal weekends rotate to bring ministry to various commands throughout the USA Central Territory, and beyond. Repertoire reflects a wide variety of vocal music expressions including traditional choral, contemporary, and gospel genres.

The mission of The Central Territorial Staff Songsters is two-fold:

1. To spread the message of Jesus Christ, in line with the mission of The Salvation Army.

2. To promote the use of vocal music throughout the territory through performance and education.

Involvement in the music ministry of CTSS requires each member to be a soldier in good standing and have had a soul-saving experience. In order to exhibit the love of God and share the gospel of Jesus Christ, each Staff Songster must have a first-hand knowledge of the Savior and His love.

The 40 members of CTSS range from ages 18-71 and are from all walks of life from students to working professionals in fields from engineering and publishing to employees and officers (pastors) in The Salvation Army. All give of their time voluntarily to the staff songsters as well as to their local corps (churches) and songster brigades

Shortly after the inaugural rehearsal weekend and a subsequent weekend of rehearsals in Kansas City in March of 2020, CTSS was forced to temporarily shift it's focus in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the course of 5 months, members of the brigade recorded 8 virtual chorus videos including the brigade's Virtual Launch and Commissioning and 5 videos for a joint Christmas concert with the Chicago Staff Band called "Windows of Hope".

In September of 2021, CTSS resumed in-person rehearsals with the aide of singing masks and social distancing to prepare for it's first live engagement. Joining the Chicago Staff Band for it's annual Sounds of the Season concert in Wheaton, IL, CTSS finally made it's delayed, in-person debut. In March of 2022, CTSS was privileged to join Commissioners Bailey at the annual meeting of the Salvation Army Retired Officers Association in Clearwater, Florida - the first out-of-territory engagement in the group's history.

The CTSS looks forward to the future that God has planned for this group and we hope to see you and one of our events.

For information on joining The Central Territorial Staff Songsters, visit our Auditions Page by clicking here.

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