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Equip 25/25 Leadership Conservatories a great success!

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

The Equip 25/25 Leadership Conservatories, held at Wonderland Camp and Conference Center from July 19-23 and August 2-6, proved to be encouraging to the emerging and current leaders in attendance. The first week centered on leadership training for dance, drama, media, and praise band, while the second week provided leadership training for brass band and vocal music. Each week consisted of a hybrid model by combining in-person and virtual instruction. On-site were in-person faculty and delegates representing each of the ten divisions within the Central Territory, as well as virtual faculty and delegates from around the world.

Each week had an all-star lineup of guests. Week 1 saw in-person teaching from Erin Morgan (dance), Caitlin Jackson (drama), Matt Erickson and the Central Visual Communications Department – VISCOM (media), and Shalini Danielson (praise band).

Week 2 saw in-person teaching from John and Sarah Lam (brass) and Cathie Koehnen (vocal). They presented on a variety of topics throughout the weeks and provided stellar instruction and inspiration. In addition, virtual masterclasses were offered daily for all tracks.

Week 1 Virtual Instruction

Simon Gough, Kris Singh, and Shalini Danielson tackled the question, “why is it important to grow as a worship musician?” Peggy McGee led the dance and drama students in a masterclass about nurturing young performers at a developmentally appropriate level. Felipe Concha presented on technology in worship and his experience with backing tracks, pads, and other electronic instruments taking us from a very simple to an advanced application. Phil Laeger and Joe Caddy co-presented a session on artistic collaboration and teamwork stemming from their completed musical project. Edward and Kellyn Mylechreest taught shared their passion for immersive and site-specific artistry. Worship leader, teacher, and blogger, Dan Wilt presented on “Stirring the Waters of Creativity” and strategies to help us engage as worship leaders to finish our own creative work for our local congregations. VISCOM provided a series of three masterclasses aimed at facilitating live streaming at the local corps.

Week 2 Virtual Instruction

Steve Cobb presented a session from his experience of being a corps bandmaster. Other classes on instrumental pedagogy and personal leadership experiences were brought to us by Steve Kellner, Philip Smith, and Helen Harrelson. Derek Lance presented a virtual class on rehearsal preparation and strategies. Rounding out each evening, a keynote speaker presented on a variety of topics. These speakers included Bill Himes, Peggy Thomas, John Lam and Major Steve Merritt. Vocal guests for the week included Len Ballantine, Cathie Koehnen, Dorothy Nancekievill, Karl Westwood, Charol McDonald, and Ronda Atwater.

These unique experiences saw an outstanding group of workshop leaders brought together in the two weeks to concentrate on leadership without a performance requirement. Each delegate came ready to learn, grow, and fully engage during masterclasses, small groups, testimonies, and lectures. Conversations and networking started at breakfast and continued throughout the day and late into the evening. The Equip 25/25 Leadership Conservatory ended with a powerful sending out Consecration Service as faculty and delegates prayed for each other and their ongoing ministries.

During these Conservatories, words could hardly describe the impact made through the daily nourishment of being in the Word and singing our praises to our Heavenly Father during morning manna, devotions, and evening vespers.

To learn more and see some of the recorded leadership sessions, please visit:

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