A multi-language video for the ONE Conference

Thank you for being a part of this multi-langauge virtual project singing How Great is Our God. 

We are asking that you video record your 

Here is what you need: 

  1. Instructions - See the Frequently Asked Questions section below

  2. Music - CLICK HERE

  3. Backing Track - AUDIO RECORDING HERE

    • A device with headphones to listen to the recording while singing

    • To download: click on the link, then click on the three dots to download the track. ​

  4. A device to video record (smartphone). 

  5. Submissions are due April 12, 2021.

Sheet Music and Guitar

How should my video look?

It should be in horizontal or landscape format, in front of a plain background with plenty of light on your face. You should fill the frame with your head and shoulders. Don’t worry about the sides of the video looking empty because we can deal with that in post production. Please ensure that you don’t have any screens or ceiling fans in the background of your videos. Record using the back camera of your smartphone.

What should I wear?

Please wear SA uniform or plain clothing with no patterns. Avoid wearing logos unless it is an SA shield or other SA logo.

Where should I film my video?

Find a quiet, uncluttered space and turn off fans and other appliances that hum. Find a plain background, center yourself in the frame and make sure there is plenty of light around your face. Face windows as they provide great natural light. (Don't have your back to a window - you will be backlit and it will be difficult to see your face). Please try to avoid any other external sounds in your video. (police/fire sirens, traffic, etc.)

How do I record my video?

You will need two devices – one to play the backing track through headphones as you sing, and one to record the video of you singing (smartphone or other device). You may need to consider either wearing wireless headphones or having your playback device in your pocket so that your headphone cable will reach!

  1. Record your video horizontally (landscape). See example in "How should my video look?"
  2. Record using the back camera of your smartphone.
  3. Have your camera “record video” settings to 1080p at 30fps. Here’s a video for iPhone users to check:
  4. Prepare....
  5. Ready, Set, Action! - Film yourself, kids, friends, parents and grandparents!
  6. Complete and submit video by the April 12th (the sooner the better). Follow directions on "How do I submit my video?"

How do I submit my video?

Finished videos should be uploaded to iCloud, Dropbox, One Drive, Google Drive or another comparable cloud service, making sure permissions are set so anyone with the sharable link can view the video. Please ensure your video is submitted on or before April 12, 2021 To submit your video - please fill out this form: CLICK HERE

How should I prepare?

  1. Print music and take note of the instructions listed. (Clapping at beginning; when to sing (v4-end); women/children only parts; all parts; when to stop)
  2. You should listen to and practice with the backing track before you start recording so that you know what to expect.
  3. Think about your recording space and everything that you will need. See "How do I record my video?"
  4. HAVE FUN!

What are the voice over recording instructions?

The voice over instructions were created to help sync up everyone in the congregation in post production. Please follow these instructions exactly... Don't worry these instructions are also labeled in the sheet music. Start your video recording before starting the backing track. When the track starts you will hear three claps, followed by a "clap three beats ready now." Then clap three beats. Practice the opening a few times by just listening to it. Here are step-by-step instructions:

  • 3 claps
  • Beginning voice over: "clap three beats ready now"
  • Clap 3 beats
  • Track starts
  • Start singing at verse #4
  • Ending voice over: At the end there is a 6 beat count for the cut-off. Freeze and smile after the cut-off for the remainder of the track until you hear "done."