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Chicago Staff Band Heritage and Mission

 The Chicago Staff Band has given unbroken service to God and The Salvation Army since it was organized in 1907. 


Mission Statement:

The Chicago Staff Band, The Salvation Army’s principal concert band of the American Midwest, constantly strives to be what a Chicago newspaperman described many years ago as “the band with a sacred message.” All of the band members have at least three things in common: a love and desire to serve God, commitment to the membership and ministry of The Salvation Army and quality musical talent that is willingly shared on a volunteer, non-professional basis. 

Involvement in the music ministry of the Chicago Staff Band (CSB) requires each member to be a soldier in good standing and have had a soul-saving experience. In order to exhibit the love of God and share the gospel of Jesus Christ, each band member must have a first-hand knowledge of the Savior and His love. 

Any Salvationist instrumentalist may request an audition for the Chicago Staff Band, regardless of any vacancies within the band’s instrumentation. To qualify for CSB membership, individuals must follow these procedures:


  1. The potential staff band member will start the process by filling out the form below.

    • The audition will then be scheduled with the Bandmaster and Deputy Bandmaster or other members of the band. 

    • The entrance interview is directed by the Band Sergeant with the assistance of the Bandmaster. 

  2. Band Board will be informed of the outcome and assessment of the audition/interview and at that time it will be determined if a CSB applicant for membership should be issued to the prospective band member. 

  3. An application is issued to the potential staff band member for which corps officer, corps music leader, and divisional endorsements are required. When the application has been completed and fully endorsed, the Bandmaster will forward it to the Executive Officer for endorsement and submission to the Chief Secretary for final approval. 

  4. In the case of officers’ CSB membership, in addition to the prescribed audition process, clearance must be obtained by the Chief Secretary (after the Executive Officer has consulted with the appropriate department head or unit commander) before such appointments are approved. 

  5. In the case of Salvation Army employees, the band member’s supervisor will be notified as a courtesy. 


Horn, Euphonium/Baritone, Trombone, Percussion.

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