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Join the Chicago Staff Band for a wonderful night of music on Saturday, November 26 at 7:00pm for our annual Sounds of the Seasons concert at Edman Chapel in Wheaton, IL. Featured this year is Jordan Smith, winner of season 2015 "The Voice." 

In America’s heartland, the Chicago Staff Band has come to represent the best in banding traditions of The Salvation Army. It is composed of members of Salvation Army congregations from throughout metropolitan Chicago, dedicated to Christian service and musical excellence.

Founded in 1907 as a gathering of Salvation Army employees, thus the label “staff band,” the men and women of the band represent a variety of occupations and studies, including a number of Salvation Army employees and officers. Chicago Staff Band members share at least three things in common: a love and desire to serve God, commitment to the membership and ministry of their respective Salvation Army worship center, and quality musical talent that is willingly shared on a volunteer, non-professional basis.

The band travels monthly throughout the USA Midwest and has conducted concert tours of the United Kingdom, Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Philippines, Chile, Jamaica, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, South Korea, New Zealand, and most recently Nigeria.

The Chicago Staff Band’s attractive and innovative programming is designed to inspire as well as entertain. The band strives to live up to what was many years ago described by a Chicago newsman as “the band with a sacred message.”

Take a moment to consider the varying levels of membership by registering for a DONATION TICKET or a DONATION + VIP SEATING TICKET.

You have the amazing opportunity to sing with Jordan Smith and the Chicago Staff Band! You will receive music via email for "All Is Well" and "Joy To The World". We encourage you to bring your own printouts of the music but will have copies available as well. Feel free to invite your friends and family to participate in this wonderful opportunity as well!



Saturday, November 26, 2022

5:15 PM | Arrive at Edman Chapel (non-singing family members are welcome to be silent rehearsal spectators)

5:30 PM | Rehearse with Jordan Smith and the Chicago Staff Band (rehearsal is mandatory to sing in the concert)

6:00 PM | Doors open (you can get first dibs at your seats!)

7:00 PM | Concert begins (community choir will be at the end of the program)


Attire: Nice casual or Christmas attire! (no shorts, ripped jeans, etc.)

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