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Each participating soloist must submit by video, following the guidelines listed below. See the following page for scoring guidelines and a copy of the scoring rubric. Participants must submit a copy of the full text of their piece along with the video. You will receive three separate adjudicator forms, your rating and a certificate after submission. Selected soloists have the potential for a performance at an upcoming territorial event. See below for guidelines.

Image by Forja2 Mx

Spoken Word Guidelines

  1. Video performance of the piece should not exceed 4 minutes in length.

  2. The piece should have a central theme or idea that remains consistent

  3. throughout the piece. This theme should be spiritual in nature.

  4. Can include excerpts, scripture, or text borrowed from other sources but all unoriginal material should be attributed (via footnote or bibliography) in the

  5. text copy of the piece.

  6. All content should be entirely appropriate for presentation in the context of a

  7. Salvation Army worship service or Christian arts festival.

  8. The demo recording can include live music or recorded accompaniment

  9. provided the recording follows all copyright laws and the music does not obscure the performance of the text.

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