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CSB Ministry Report - Davenport, IA

Davenport, IA - October 15-16, 2022

Written by Brian Allan (Bb Bass)

The weekend started on a beautiful autumn day with a later-than-normal departure time, which was appreciated. The bus was buzzing with excitement as we prayed for safe travels and departed THQ.

The next thing I knew, I was jolted awake as announcements were made over the bus speakers saying we were nearing the church where we were playing that evening.

Upon arrival at the church, the band hustled off the bus to unload and set up in a gorgeous old chapel at the United Methodist church. The stained glass in the sanctuary was stunningly portraying the angel telling the women that the tomb is empty.

The setup was tight as the stage was on the smaller side, but the band sucked in its gut and made it work. We were doing a sound check when we received word that dinner was ready. The ARC had prepared a plentiful and delicious Italian feast for us. It was nice to chat with other band members during dinner and hear about what was happening in their lives. I believe this time together helps to bond us as a group of people who deeply care for one another.

We had a nice devotional thought from Kristina, and then we lined up and played the concert's first half to an appreciative crowd.

At Intermission, I had a chance to meet some people who were in attendance. I spoke with a gentleman and his wife, who were there at the invitation of his grandfather, who was a member of that church. The couple was both musicians, with the husband being a euphonium player. As we were joking about how there are very few professional euphonium gigs, the man's grandfather came up and introduced himself and immediately began to brag about his grandson. He said that on his 50th wedding anniversary, his grandson played a concert on the Great Wall of China and dedicated the performance to his grandparents. It was very cool to see the pride the older man had. As the band started to go back on stage, the older man pulled me aside and told me that his grandkids attended a different church and ended it, "It's not where you go, but Who you know.

After the concert, the band loaded up, and we drove to the Davenport ARC, where we unloaded again and set the stage for the next morning's worship service. We were then treated to a delicious snack of Wontons, cookies, and soda, with some cheese and crackers. Then back on the bus and off to the hotel.

Sunday morning was a great time of fellowship and worship with the men of the ARC. They sang with gusto as Jude and the band led them in a time of singing, and they paid rapt attention as Paul Boyer (he runs an ARC himself) brought the Word to us all.

After the service, we packed up, had a perfect Sunday dinner at the center, loaded the bus, and headed home from a great weekend where many new friends were made, and God was honored.

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