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Image by Markus Gjengaar

Emily M. Cattani

Emily M. Cattani is a 2017 graduate of Silver Lake College of the Holy Family with a degree in Music: Emphasis in Piano Pedagogy and Performance. An ardent supporter of the fine arts, teacher, mentor, and event pianist, Emily has worked with an array of diverse individuals of all ages, in a plethora of settings and backgrounds. As Emily delves into the field of mental health, as she is a current graduate student studying to become a Music Therapist, she has both embodied and applied her knowledge within the studio, offering compassionate and fruitful services to those that inquire.
Emily believes that "music is for everyone" as once quoted by Zoltán Kodály, a Hungarian musician and pedagogue. Adapting this philosophy, Emily invites those to learn the exciting language of music regardless of their skill level or abilities. In the spirit of collaboration, Emily evaluates her students with their best interests in mind and prepares lessons accordingly based on their specific needs and goals. Conservatory experience and knowledge allow Emily to assist students in preparation for events, competitions or common performance anxiety. In working with families and children, Emily also understands the importance of basic musicianship and incorporating a holistic music curriculum into her studio for the purposes of personal growth and the building of confidence, and self-esteem.

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