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Virtual choirs for youth and adults

This page contains information about the virtual choirs of the Kroc Centers in the Central Territory. If you are interested in participating in a virtual choir, click on the contact button below and put "Virtual Choir" in the subject line. There is Youth Choir for ages 6-13 and an Adult Choir for over ages 14 and up. Specify which choir and what part you would like to sing. You will receive a follow up email with details about participation. The choirs are open to anyone.

Mission Statement

To give musicians an opportunity to perform and belong to an online community. We perform a variety of music that contain messages of hope and encouragement. The goal is to bring together people who have diverse backgrounds but are still able to be unified by music.


Thanks for submitting!




  • ​​​​​​​​The Score (PDF)

  • ​There is a Vocal Score or a Piano/Vocal Score available

  • The videos also contain the music



  • Rehearse using the videos below

  • Part tracks contain a synthesized voice playing the part.

  • Make sure you are solid on the notes and rhythms.

  • Pay careful attention to dynamics, phrasing and breath marks.


Once you have learned the piece you are ready to create the recording. You will need 2 devices: one to play the accompaniment track and one to record. You will also need headphones or earbuds. Follow the steps below to create your recording.​




  • Set-up in a room that will be quiet.

  • Set your recording device horizontally.

  • Make sure lighting is good and we can see your face at all times.

  • Check your background

    • Use a blank wall with no pictures or hangings behind you. A neutral color is preferred.

  • Shoot the video from chest up.

  • Wear a solid dark color.

  • Have your score in a place that cannot be seen in the video.

    • You don’t need to look directly into the camera – sing naturally.


  • Use a device with a good quality microphone to record.

    • iPhones or Smartphones work well.

    • You can also use an external microphone but it is not necessary.

  • The device used for recording should be stable. Use a tripod, music stand or get creative!

  • Use headphones or earbuds to listen the track while you sing.

    • The recording should be only your voice – NO accompaniment should be heard.

  • Plug your headphones into the device that is playing the accompaniment track.

  • Record a small part of the song and check it to make sure the audio and video are good.

  • Record the entire song from the very beginning of the song to the very end.

    • Be aware that even when you are not singing you are still recording.

  • Save your video

    • Use the song title and your last name for the file name.

      • EX. Title (Smith)

  • Upload your video

    • Click on the button below

    • You will have the choice to upload your video or copy and paste a link to your video to share

Behold That Star (Recording Tracks)



Submission Deadline - November 30th

Image by Haley Rivera

Behold That Star (Scores)

Behold That Star (Vocal).pdf

Download File

Behold That Star (Piano/Vocal)

Download File

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